Quick Answer: Did Johnny Cash Die After Hurt?

Why did Johnny Cash cover hurt?

The musician was suffering from autonomic neuropathy brought on by diabetes and by the time he recorded Hurt, his health was failing.

“There were times when his voice sounded broken,” said Rubin.

“He tried to turn that into a positive in the selection of the music.

It was a real struggle for him.”.

Who wrote the song I hurt myself today?

Trent ReznorHurt/Lyricists

Who made the song hurt?

Trent ReznorHurt/ComposersThe song, Hurt, was originally recorded by Nine Inch Nails and was written by Trent Reznor for their second album, The Downward Spiral in 1994.

When did cash cover hurt?

April 17 1995On April 17 1995, Reznor released “Hurt” as a promotional single.

What was Johnny Cash’s last song before he died?

Like the 309″Like the 309,” the last song written by Johnny Cash before his death, will be included on “American V: A Hundred Highways.” Due July 4 via American Recordings/Lost Highway, the album was recorded with producer Rick Rubin in the months leading up to Cash’s September 2003 passing.

What songs did Johnny Cash cover?

Johnny Cash’s 11 Coolest Cover Songs’One’ (U2) … ‘Johnny 99’ (Bruce Springsteen) … ‘No Expectations’ (The Rolling Stones) … ‘Redemption Song’ (Bob Marley) … ‘I Won’t Back Down’ (Tom Petty) … ‘Rusty Cage’ (Soundgarden) … ‘I’m on Fire’ (Bruce Springsteen) … ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’ (Creedence Clearwater Revival)More items…•

What album is Hurt by Johnny Cash on?

American IV: The Man Comes AroundHurt/Album

Where was Johnny Cash’s last performance?

the Carter Family FoldOn July 5, 2003, Johnny Cash gave his final public live performance, a 30-minute set at the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Va.

Was Johnny Cash’s last song hurt?

REVIEW: Johnny Cash’s final album, ‘Ain’t No Grave’ a fitting goodbye for a music legend. Photo Courtesy of Lost Highway Records”Ain’t No Grave” is a collection of the last songs Johnny Cash ever recorded, including “Corinthians 15:55,” the last song he wrote.

Did Johnny Cash hurt after June died?

The Death of Johnny Cash Johnny Cash died on on September 12, 2003, aged 71. … June had urged Cash to continue working if she died, however, and this is what he did in his final months. The song, “Hurt” has since become the unofficial epitaph of Johnny Cash for many people.

Did Johnny Cash die of a broken heart?

Johnny Cash died of complications from diabetes on September 12, 2003, less than four months after his wife. The singer had been unwell for some time, having been diagnosed with Shy–Drager syndrome in 1997, according to Cash: The Autobiography.

Is June Carter Cash still alive?

Deceased (1929–2003)June Carter Cash/Living or Deceased

What was Johnny Cash’s last words?

His last words are rumored to be: “I hear the train a comin’.”

How long after Hurt did Johnny Cash die?

His frailty is clearly evident in the video. He died seven months later, on September 12; his wife, June Carter Cash, who is shown gazing at her husband in two sequences of the video, died on May 15 of the same year.

What does hurt mean?

2a : to cause emotional pain or anguish to : offend never meant to hurt you got her feelings hurt. b : to be detrimental to : hamper charges of graft hurt his chances of being elected. intransitive verb. 1a : to suffer pain or grief He says his tooth hurts.

What was Johnny Cash’s net worth when he died?

How much is Johnny Cash Worth? Johnny Cash Net Worth: Johnny Cash was an American singer and songwriter who had a net worth of $60 million at the time of his death, after adjusting for inflation.

What was Johnny Cash’s number one hit?

Track listingNo.TitleWriter(s)1.”I Walk the Line”2.”I Still Miss Someone”Cash, Roy Cash3.”The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer”Cash, June Carter Cash4.”Don’t Take Your Guns to Town”12 more rows