How Much Discount Do Scentsy Consultants Get?

Do Scentsy consultants get discounted products?

Do Scentsy Consultants get a discount on products.

While we don’t offer a traditional discount, Scentsy Consultants are welcome to host their own Scentsy parties and take advantage of our generous Host Rewards to get free and half-price products..

How much does it cost to be a Scentsy Consultant?

Our traditional Starter Kit is $150 plus local tax and shipping. Or you can host a party and apply your earned product credit toward a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit to become a Scentsy Consultant.

How often do Scentsy consultants get paid?

Scentsy deposits your commission on the 10th of each month to your pay portal. This account & a pay card will be provided by Scentsy when you join. You will receive your commission & bonus for the total sales you & your team (if applicable) made during the previous month.

Can you buy Scentsy without a consultant?

How can I buy Scentsy products? To place an order or host a party, contact your Scentsy Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, click the “Find a Consultant” link at the top of the page to locate one near you! The best way to shop Scentsy products is by hosting a party.

Can a Scentsy Consultant host a party?

Scentsy Consultants can host their own parties as often as they want to and they can use the free and half-price host rewards to purchase products for themselves.

How long does a Scentsy Bar last?

approximately 50 to 60 hoursHow long will a Scentsy Bar last? A Scentsy Bar will last approximately 50 to 60 hours, depending on the strength of the fragrance, where a Warmer is located in a room, the time of year, humidity and other factors.

How long does it take to get my Scentsy starter kit?

within 72 hoursQ. How long does it take to get my Scentsy Starter Kit? A. Scentsy generally ships starter kits within 72 hours of receiving your application.

Can I sell Scentsy in my store?

You may not list or sell Scentsy products on any online retail store or e-commerce site, nor may you enlist or knowingly allow a third party (customer) to sell Scentsy products on any online retail store or e-commerce site.

Do Scentsy consultants get free shipping?

With a retail value of $. 01 – $79.99, shipping will be $8.00. With a retail value of $80.00 – $199.99, shipping will be 10 percent of the product total. With a retail value of $200 or more, shipping will be FREE.

Do Scentsy consultants make good money?

Assuming you’ve made it past the Escential Consultant level (making over $1,000 in sales over a year), you can earn anywhere from $20,480 a year (Certified Consultant) to $23,165 a year (Superstar Consultant); however, the maximum amount varies significantly from the median earning.

Is Scentsy a pyramid scheme?

Technically, no. Scentsy is not a pyramid scheme. It’s possible for Scentsy consultants to sell Scentsy products and earn a commission for doing so.

How do I get more customers for Scentsy?

Ask friends/family to host a party for you (remember to promote parties at those parties for more hostesses). Have a home launch party when you join Scentsy and for the release of the new catalogues. Visit local hairdressers to leave your contact details and samples. Offer a loan warmer.

Can you sell Scentsy on Amazon?

People go find a Scentsy consultant, they are only $5, this is not cool. Do you find this helpful? … Plus we consultants are not authorized to even sell on Amazon or eBay. Please, customers, don’t buy these wax bars for more than $6/each.

How much scentsy do you have to sell to stay active?

Scentsy Consultants: Here are 50 tips to help you earn 200 PRV. Remember, a qualifying party consists of 200 PRV points. It’s also the amount of PRV points required each month to stay active*. You need to be active with 200 PRV at least once in every four consecutive months to remain a current consultant.

What watt bulb goes in a Scentsy warmer?

25 wattYou’ll need a 15 watt bulb for your little nightlight warmer. Your Scentsy mid size warmer will take a 20 watt bulb and the Scentsy full size warmer takes a 25 watt light bulb.

Can Scentsy warmers be left on overnight?

Scentsy Warmers are as Safe as Lamps Can I Leave My Scentsy ON Overnight? Yup! You sure can. Scentsy Warmers aren’t flamed Candles.

What comes in the Scentsy starter kit 2020?

No need to carry inventory – the demonstration products included in the Scentsy Kit are all you need!Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)Scentsy Buddy (1)Scent Pak (1)Scentsy Bar (1)Layers by Scentsy Products (contents subject to change)Light Bulbs (3)

Is Scentsy worth the price?

Scentsy wax is non-toxic and paraben free, which for someone like me who has littles, it’s very reassuring that if they accidentally eat some I don’t have to worry. That in itself is worth the price to me. The scents are long lasting and the variety of scents is more than you would ever find in the store.

What are the levels of Scentsy consultants?

And then next to that in rainbow colors it lists Scentsy Consultant titles: Essential Consultant, Certified Consultant, Lead Consultant, Star Consultant, Superstar Consultant, Director, Star Director and Superstar Director.

What are the benefits of being a Scentsy Consultant?

Five Reasons To Consider Becoming A Scentsy ConsultantPut Family First. Earn 20 to 36 percent commissions and bonuses for selling products you love.* We just launched a new catalog, so there are lots of beautiful new things to share!Be The Boss. … Nothing To Lose. … Feel The Love. … Be YOU.

How many Scentsy testers are in a kit?

The Starter Kit† comes with all the essentials for launching a successful Scentsy business: A best-selling Warmer. 80+ scented testers.